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Full-Text Article Retrieval: Full Text Article Retrieval

Full text article retrieval

You’ve found an article or book chapter that you’d like to read? Great! Use this guide to figure out the best way to obtain the full-text of the work. 

PubMed Full-Text Article Retrieval

As you search PubMed, you'll notice that many articles have different icons in the upper right hand corner of their records: 


These icons are links to the full-text of the articles. Publishers often place their logos here which link to an option to purchase the paper, ignore these icons. There are two main icons that you want to look out for:


This icon indicates that NYCPM subscribes to this journal digitally, and that (as long as you are logged in or on-campus) you may access the article online. Clicking the icon should bring you to the publisher’s website, where you may locate the “PDF” or “Full-Text” option. 


This icon is not a link, but an indication that the NYCPM library holds this article in print, in the ‘bound journals’ collection. The journals are available in the library- library staff are always happy to help you locate and scan articles for your research. If you are away from NYCPM for externships or another reason, you may use this form to request a PDF of print collection articles. Please note this is only available for faculty, and students who are away from campus for an extended period.

* Note: Some publishers/journals do not cooperate with this system, therefore it is always a good idea to check NYCPM’s A-Z List for journals and databases* 

NYCPM doesn’t have the article online or in print? Submit an InterLibrary Loan Request!

There are thousands of scholarly journals in publication today, and NYCPM does not subscribe to all of them. If you locate an article that is not available via NYCPM subscriptions, please do not hesitate to utilize InterLibrary Loan. It’s a simple form and you should receive a PDF of the article within 48 hours. 

Citation Full-Text Article Retrieval

Often, a colleague or professor will share a citation with you. In a perfect world, you are provided with all of the information, a citation that looks something like this: 

With this information, we recommend using PubMed's Single Citation Matcher to locate the article.The Single Citation Matcher will attempt to find your article with whatever information you provide, but more is always better. If you've been given a citation with too little information, feel free to ask a librarian to help you!

Once you've located the article on PubMed follow the instructions above based on the icons displayed. If the article is not subscribed to by NYCPM, simply fill out an InterLibrary Loan (ILL) form


On or Off-Campus, be sure to access PubMed via the library webpage. When you access an article and we do not subscribe to that particular journal, this icon will appear:

Once you click on the icon, the name  of the article and citation will appear. Click on the icon (see example below) and it will populate the article request and be sent to the librarians. We will obtain the requested article within 24 to 48 hours for you. 

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