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Digital Resources: PMR: Podiatric Medical Review

This is an alphabetical listing of our eBooks. In order to access these resources off campus, please log in with your NYCPM email address and student ID number when prompted.

The Podiatric Medical Review is the student journal of the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. Each year, student authors and editors come together with faculty to produce this collection of highly researched articles relating to Podiatric Medicine. 

2020 - 2021 PMR Vol. 29

2020 - 2021 Podiatric Medical Review (JUST RELEASED!)

see below for link to the PMR


2019 PMR Vol. 27

2019 Podiatric Medical Review 

Editor-in-chief: Sanjna Sanghvi

2017 PMR

2017 Podiatric Medical Review


Djavlon Khakimov & Sang Hyub Kim

PMR 2015

2015 Podiatric Medical Review


Michael T. Rossidis

2013 PMR

2013 Podiatric Medical Review


Jonathan Roy

2019-20 PMR Vol. 28

2019 - 2020 Podiatric Medical Review 

Editors-in-chief: Jenna Friedman and Farah Naz

PMR Vol. 26, 10-17 to 12-18

2018 Podiatric Medical Review

Editor-in-Chief - Diltaj Singh

PMR 2016

2016 Podiatric Medical Review


Danielle Boyle & Aaron Bradley

2014 PMR

2014 Podiatric Medical Review


J. Adrian Wright

2012 PMR

2012 Podiatric Medical Review


Adisa Mujkie


Older issues of the

Podiatric Medical Review are

available in print in the library.

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